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The Train Collectors Association. The company name is an anagram of the initials of the founder's first names and their last name. The company was a classic manufacturer of mostly hand made models of Swiss prototype trains.

HAG manufactured die-cast metal model trains and became the primary manufacturer of HO scale Swiss model trains. The HAG die-cast trains were electric outline locomotive models, and the cars were wagons and passenger coaches made of solid plastic bodies with metal floors. Brothers Hugo and Alwin Gahler learned skills in the metal industry when they were young. They devoted part-time efforts to making tinplate toys. After amassing modest seed money and putting in untiring efforts, on Christmas in the first train set with track was produced.

Soon thereafter the brothers gave up their jobs in order to concentrate on the full-time construction of these models. A new workshop was set up in the basement of a joinery in St. On April 1,the company H. Gahler was established. Growing demand for their products and the lack of sufficient work space led to the company moving into their own factory at Parketteriestrasse in St.

swiss model trains

Gallen in the summer of It was in scale 'O' gauge. From to the business grew rapidly. But the joy of success in making and selling the 'O' gauge products was short-lived. In the post-war period, the competition in the marketplace became more rampant. The demand for large track 'O' scale products shrank rapidly, forcing Hugo and Alwin Gahler to switch to HO scale manufacturing.

This change meant practically a new start for the business and put the fledgling firm to a hard challenge. Thus in the company began to gradually build an HO line.

At the same time 'O' gauge production was throttled back and by stopped completely.

swiss model trains

In Werner Gahler, the son of Alwin Gahler joined the company. In the period following the departure of Hugo Gahler the model line continued to grow and production tripled in the years In June, the company was transformed into a corporation. In the first scale loco in HO gauge was built.

In the older flat collector motor was replaced when a new motor type was developed with ball bearings and a drum collector. The new motor, dubbed the '88', was much quieter and used less power. Buco had acquired the tooling in from the Swiss toy company Jibby that had folded in Jibby had acquired the molds from another Swiss toy company named CAR, who had originally developed this tooling in In Alwin Gahler died at the age of A year later HAG celebrated its 50th anniversary.

In at the age of 91 Hugo Gahler passed away. In Roger Gahler, son of Werner Gahler, joined the company. In collaboration with the German Importer ESU a pin Decoder plug-in interface was designed and released and AC models all shipped with ESU digital decoders installed, however, any pin plug decoder can be used in HAG locomotives equipped with the 21 pin interface.

All HAG models represented standard gauge Swiss rail equipment. Other companies such as Bemo made narrow gauge models of Swiss equipment. Locomotives were made for both 3-rail 16 volt AC and 2-rail 12 volt DC, and all could be run from track or overhead power. In times of increasingly lightweight plastic HO scale trains made by other manufacturers, HAG equipment was always satisfyingly massive and durable.English is currently selected as the language.

Please continue to avoid excursions by public transport at Easter and stay at home if possible. Note that some bus operators no longer permit carriage of bicycles. More information. SBB shapes the mobility of the future and in the coming years will be investing around 1 billion Swiss francs annually in new and modernised trains. These form the basis of a modern railway company. When it comes to new acquisitions and modernisation, we attach great importance to energy efficiency.

More info. Find the latest information on strikes and interruptions in the event of major disruptions to the rail network. Would you also like to get your hands on an official Swiss station clock by Mondaine?

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Our trains Show pages at the same navigation level. New Gotthard passenger train. LD double-decker.Many people start their hobby of model railroading with a pre-packaged train set. This is everything you need to get started.

But very quickly, you'll probably want to expand upon these basic offerings, and that is why it's important to choose an introductory set that conforms to one of the common modeling scales and gauges.

Model trains are available in different sizes, or scales, based on their proportions to the actual train the prototype. There are six common model train scales, each identified by letters and a numerical ratio that compares the size of the model to the prototype. This means that the length of a real boxcar is 87 times larger than a model HO boxcar. The distance between the rails is known as the gauge.

Each model train has a proportional gauge that is stepped down from dimensions of real-life train tracks. In addition to these six standard scales, there are a number of less common scales used by some model railroaders, especially those in Europe.

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For example, if space is at a minimum, Z-scale trains may be the right choice for you because they are the smallest and set-up takes up little space. The tiny size of Z-scale trains, may, however, may be too small for those with eyesight difficulties.

There are great products available in every scale. Once you choose a scale for your beginning setup, you'll need to expand your set using only products in that scale, but you can mix and match products from different manufacturers in the same scale. Model train manufacturers tend to be stable companies, and most have been around for years.

swiss model trains

Even when a manufacturer goes out of business, their products are usually available almost indefinitely from online retailers and exchange networks devoted to model train enthusiasts. When selecting a manufacturer, it's important to consider more than just cost.

Read customer reviews and closely examine the details of the components. If buying online, make sure to purchase from a retailer with a liberal return-and-exchange policy. Top-quality train cars can be a significant investment, so make sure you are getting items you know you want.

Manufacturers that sell Z-scale model train sets include:. Manufacturers that sell N-scale model train sets include:.

Manufacturers that specialize in HO scale train sets include:. While the majority of model training is done with these six scales, there are several different scales used by specialized enthusiasts. This scale is the most common scale in the UK and is modeled and UK prototype trains. Manufacturers include:. They are sometimes called HOn3 trains. O-Scale train sets are modeled on a three-rail electric train system and were originally made popular in Germany. These large models are frequently used outdoors.

Model Train Manufacturers for Every Scale

Whether it's big or small, steam or diesel, freight or passenger—your introductory train set can be the start of a long and pleasurable journey. You can expand your set with more track, trains, and accessories as you grow, or switch scales if your interests or needs change. Bachmann Blackstone.As you are now aware we have retired from the importation of model railway items with the exception of available BEMO HOm models and back orders from other manufacturers which are at long last being produced.

How to use our website If it's BEMO HOm you are interested in then click on the " BEMO HOm " link and here you will find all the items we have in stock together with prices and pictures in their relevant sections and also forthcoming releases. For all other items then click on " Items in Stock " and scroll down to the scale you want.

If there is something listed there you are interested in and need to see pictures then click on the relevant manufacturers heading as below. The goods shown in the " Items in Stock " section are still available for sale as well as those which are still showing in the BEMO link.

We can now only be contacted either by Email or Post. When contacting us please give a make and code number of the items you are interested in purchasing together with your contact telephone number. We will then get back to you as soon as we can and discuss payment options with you.

If it's BEMO HOm you are interested in then click on the " BEMO HOm " link and here you will find all the items we have in stock together with prices and pictures in their relevant sections and also forthcoming releases.

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Postal Address:. SO23 0JZ.Model Railroad Product Manufacturers and Publishers. BoxMacclesfield, Cheshire, U. AAA Precision Turntables. ABG Model Trains. O Locomotives Rolling stock Structures Accys. Accucraft Trains. HO Locomotive lighting. Liberty St. Ste J, Wauconda, IL HO Rolling stock. S HO N Scenery. O Locomotives Rolling stock. Acme Model Engineering. Ridgefield, NJ Fax sales acmemodel.

O Vehicles Rolling stock Structures. Aero Car Technology, Inc. ALL Lubricants.

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Box 55, Schofield, WI mark aimprodx. Alamosa Car Shops. Albion Software. Alejandro Model Trains. Alexander Models. HO Locomotives Accessories. Alexander Scale Models.Swiss railway signalling describes the railway signalling systems used in Switzerland by the different railway companies.

Signalling is governed by strict rules, released by the Federal Office of Transport. The rules for railway operation are laid out in the Swiss Rail Service Regulations Fahrdienstvorschriften in GermanPrescriptions de circulation des trains PCT in FrenchPrescrizioni sulla circolazione dei treni PCT in Italianof which the latest version was issued invalid since 1 July [1] and are based on article 11a of the Ordinance of 23 November on the Construction and Operation of the Railways Railways Ordinance, RailO.

Type L was developed many years ago. The N system was developed for the Rail project and shows a clear influence of the Dutch NS'54 system. In contrast to the latter the type N uses the 3 coloured lights in a triangular position, whereas the Dutch system positions them in a vertical line.

There are more differences, mainly signalling an occupied section of track to the driver. In both systems, as is true elsewhere in the world, a distant signal tells the driver the aspect of the following home signal according to the block system. The driver must act accordingly to prepare for the situation at the home signal. Distant signals are always square while home signals are round N or elongated L.

Signals are always placed on the left except on tracks normally operated in both directions or where visibility requires a different position. According to the rules, light signals are used for main line traffic or shunting.

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N and L type signals are used for main line traffic and are not to be taken account of during shunting. Shunting signals do not apply to main line movements. Most other Swiss railway companies only use L type signals.

L type signals remain the most widespread in the country. It authorizes trains to proceed at their normal speed, to slow them down or to stop them. The speed reductions imposed by type L signals, when they are protecting a station or a crossover, only apply to the points zone protected by the signal and not normally to the stretch of track beyond the points.

This way of operating requires that the drivers understand for any signal which points are concerned. A signal presenting the 'stop' aspect cannot be passed under any circumstances without a formal order from the train controller.

This order can be transmitted in writing or by radio. In the latter case the driver must repeat the order word for word. This restrictive procedure requires very slow operation. There is a complementary signal, shown below, which gives the order 'Proceed on sight' without needing a written order, so as to avoid huge delays in case a signal breaks down. In some cases, mostly entering stations, home signals and distant signals can be found on the same mast; in this case the distant signal is linked to the next home signal.

On lines where the blocks are relatively close a system called combined has been developed. The signal can then be presented on the same plate is a distant signal warning or announcement of speedan image of the home signal track clear, stop or speed limit. To be recognized as a home signal, where the alignment of the lamps would not allow, the combined signal has a distinctive supplementary plate.

If two successive signals show speed limits, the first speed limit shown must be applied from the second signal, even if not shown explicitly. In contrast to L type signals, not all N type home signals are preceded by a distant signal, as all N signals are capable of speed signalling and thus play the role of a distant signal.

Thus, if a driver passes an N type signal showing a speed aspect, he must maintain this speed until he has recognized the aspect of the next signal, which may continue to impose a speed restriction.

Speed signalling is no longer based on combinations of green and yellow, but on one colour accompanied by a single digit display indicating the speed. Thus the green aspect means 'track clear' and if a digit is displayed, with a speed restriction.Permanent exhibitions of: model trains, model train systems of all gauges driven by solar energy, old tin toy trains tin plate.

swiss model trains

Novelties from partners model train manufacturers - model cars and ships from various epochs - historic securities, pre-philately and stamps with train designs. Price per person in double room valid: Price per person in the Suite valid: Learn more. By continuing to use myswitzerland. Model trains Mendrisio Experience Mendrisio. Intro Permanent exhibitions of: model trains, model train systems of all gauges driven by solar energy, old tin toy trains tin plate.

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